New CHC Hospital, Glain, Liege

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Project location

Site of Patience et Beaujonc, 4000 Glain

Building contractor(s)

Centre Hospitalier Chrétien

rue de Hesbaye 75, 4000 Liège

Year of completion

Study in progress (Single permit granted)

Type of contract



€185 million

Surface area

115.000 m2 built ?95.000 m2 site and surroundings

Year of completion

Study in progress


The merger of 3 CHC Group hospitals on the outskirts of Liege into a single building, (764 beds, consultation rooms, emergency department, revalidation centre, 20 operating rooms, restaurants, shops etc. ).

A mother-child wing.

And adult wing.

A central building housing the medical technology department.

An underground and outdoor car park on the outskirts of the hospital including +/- 1,950 spaces.


The new Liege hospital, bringing together three of CHC's hospital sites, is under development on the former brownfield site of Patience et Beaujonc.  The design conceived up by Autau and its associates (Assar and Hoet + Minne) attempts to breathe life back into this derelict, 75 acre site, rooted in the area's history.

The dimensions are deliberately low to maintain a human scale for the project. The cruciform spaces have been designed to considerably reduce the travelling time of healthcare staff while creating a friendly atmosphere.  This architectural plan also means that each room or work station benefits from a large bay window with a view over the Meuse valley. ?Metal cladding has been  planned to reflect Leige's historical steel industry.

This cladding, composed of alternating white panels that contrasts sharply with the anthracite, adds a dynamic touch to the façades of the new hospital. The white is also associated with healthcare and the image of the medical profession.

The relationship with the environment is another area that artau and its associates (assar and Hoet + Minne) have been keen to emphasise. The aim is to reconnect the project to the district of Glain; the existing road network is being extended to integrate the hospital and the activities associated with it.  A new motorway junction has been planned for this purpose.

Benefiting from a new site measuring over 75 hectares, CHC plans to create an ecodistrict on the periphery of the hospital including a new, 12-acre economic zone with 400-600 new homes.

ARTAU Architectures