Léopold Square, Arlon

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Project Location

Léopold Square 6700 Arlon

Building contractor(s)

Town of Arlon
rue Paul Reuter 6, 6700 Arlon


Urban planning + underground parking lot

Budget excluding VAT and fees



14,000 m2

Year of completion



The development of the square has its origins in the recent history of the town: this spot forms a horizontal surface outside the town walls, a forecourt that directly faces the  Southwest. It can be defined as an element of urban planning that will make it possible to further develop the edges of Arlons and create a prestigious place surrounded by public buildings – a place that is fully open towards the provincial palace, which forms the backdrop, thereby enhancing the view and adding historic character.

Countryside study, participation of Virgine Pigeon.

Urban study, participation of Pierre Vanderstraeten
ARTAU Architectures