Square Astrid, Arlon

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18 out of 25

Project location

Square Astrid, 6700 Arlon

Building contractor(s)

Town of Arlon
rue Paul Reuter 6, 6700 Arlon


Renovation of Square Astrid

Budget excluding VAT and fees



14,000 m2

Year of completion

Project pending tender


This project forms a dialogue between the different types of buildings that surround the square.  Traffic circulates via an oval roundabout.


The new urban development benefits from the natural sloping terrain to create a succession of terraces coated in dolomite.  A water feature composed of a dry fountain, highlighting the statue of Queen Astrid, extends out in a succession of basins. Alternate screens in the form of beech hedges, and lighting that blends well into the setting are both features that allow the square to communicate with the urban materials while creating a park with a strong identity.

Managing the flow of traffic is achieved via an oval roundabout which has been designed to look like a flowery meadow.

Landscape study with the participation of Virginie Pigeon.

Urban study with the participation of Pierre Vanderstraeten (VIA)

Lighting study with the participation of Barbara Hediger

ARTAU Architectures