Ecodistrict Wäschbour, Arlon

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Project location

Site du Wäschbour, 6700  Arlon

Building contractor(s)

SMDI (semi-public company for real estate development)
Rue de l'écluse 21, 6000 Charleroi

Year of completion


Type of contract



+/- 221 housing units and one community house
construction of a central space and several green areas

Budget excluding VAT and fees


Surface area

23.085 m² built
39.400 m² site and surroundings


This project was part of a policy to create medium-size homes in Wallonia and is located at the western entrance of the city of Arlon. The Wäschbour site has been designed to accommodate 226housing units in an ecodistrict. A community house will form the heart of the district and a ballroom will also be provided for the community.


The ecodistrict follows the principles of sustainable development. The district, which is located within a green area, is based around the central square which forms the main meeting point for residents. The different parts of the district, which can be reached via several “gentle mobility” zones (30kph zones, pedestrian streets, cycle paths) encourage social and generational diversity thanks to the different accommodation types available. The creation of semi-public zones as play and meeting areas is planned for the green zones of the district within the block of houses.

Applied techniques      

System of prefabricated, industrialized modular construction
Large prefabricated front panels
Hollow core slab flooring guaranteeing thermal inertia


ARTAU Architectures