House Van de Veken, Stavelot

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Project location

route de coo 103, 4970 Stavelot

Building contractor(s)

Mr and Mrs Servais - Van de Veken
route de Coo 103, 4970 Stavelot

Year of completion


Type of contract



Single family passive house

Budget excluding VAT and fees

€ 375,000

Surface area

200 m² built


Building a passive house means:

Reducing heat losses by improving insulation

Reducing heat losses by  effectively improving the building’s air-tightness

Guaranteeing the quality of air using a forced ventilation system with a highly efficient heat exchanger

Using passive energy (geothermal energy, solar energy etc.)
Reducing energy demand by using more efficient equipment.
These different points led to the following:

- an annual energy demand for heating of < 15 kWh/m².a;
- a final overall energy demand for heating, domestic warm water, domestic equipment of < 42 kWh/m².

Applied techniques

Wood structure with load carrying dividing walls

Triple-glazed frames with thermal shutdown k=0.8
Cedar wood panelling 

Insulation: roof 35 cm – front 30 cm – floor slabs 30 cm
Balanced supply and extract ventilation with 90% energy recovery connected to reheat and pump air/water

Solar panels for domestic warm water

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