House De Pauw, Mont

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Project location

au Buisson de Saule, 4960 Malmedy - Mont

Building contractor(s)

Mr and Mrs de Pauwe
au Buisson de Saule, 4960 Malmedy - Mont

Budget excluding VAT and fees

€ 250,000

Surface area

260 m2

Year of completion



The house is located at the edge of the town, close to the reservation area of the High Fens, the colours of which can be seen from the dining room.
The single sloping space was chosen due to the type of neighbouring farm.
This volumetry also respects the identity of the sheds and related buildings; simple and sober spaces that are built in an uncomplicated way.
The configuration of the porch, which is very common in traditional architecture, can be used as parking space or as a covered terrace protected against wind and bad weather.

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