Conference Centre at Hôtel Radisson SAS, Spa

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14 out of 25

Project location

Place Royale 39, 4900 Spa

Building contractor(s)

P&V assurances
rue Royale 151, 1210 Brussels Sint Josse ten Noode

Year of completion


Type of contract



4 modular meeting rooms with high levels of sunlight

Budget excluding VAT and fees

€2, 200, 000

Surface area

700 m²


This project anticipates the creation of 4 modular meeting rooms with natural daylight and a lobby, all being linked to the entrance hall of the existing hotel.
The rooms were constructed like a sculpture element between the hotel and the hill. The  interior atmosphere focuses on nature, not only by the precise framing of the rock and the nearby vegetation but also by the choice of natural materials, wood and stone.  The building design attempts to enhance the quality of the environment with a choice of ecological, recyclables materials that can be dismantled, and  ample insulation that guarantees low energy consumption.

ARTAU Architectures