Touristic station, Erezée

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Project location

Site of the touristic tramway of Aisne, 6997 Erezée

Building contractor(s)

Town of Erezée
rue des Combattants 15, 6997 Erezée

Year of completion


Type of contract


Budget excluding VAT and fees

€ 626,475


430 m²


The objective of this project was to improve the starting point of the Touristic Tramway of Aisne, while both assuring  the viability of the equipment and recreating an infrastructure able to fulfil the regular functions of a station, and more generally, receiving and providing information for visitors, as well as to “showcase” the country.

Combining the views, access to the platform and the narrowness of the site naturally led to an elongated design… like stations! This resulted in simple architecture that is structured around a double alignment of pillars.

ARTAU Architectures