Abbey of Stavelot

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20 out of 25

Project location

Abbey of Stavelot BP 52, 4970 Stavelot

Building contractor(s)

Projenor M-O representative
Walloon Region, 7000 Namur

Year of completion


Type of contract



3 museums and 1 library
1 concert hall
1 cafeteria and 2 banquet halls
A hotel in the future

Budget excluding VAT and fees


Surface area

6,420 m²


This idyllic site based on a south-facing slope overlooking an umbrella pine forest was restricted in the middle  and near the road by an area due for construction.
The three five-story buildings located within the upper limits and between them the pine trees reach up to the pool. The pool is placed on a plinth sheltering the car park. This courtyard used for relaxation and meetings is directly linked to the pool house and caretaker’s office, situated on the lower edge of the site with the access to 30 residential apartments and a shaded path up to the upper section of the site.

The atmosphere of the place is peaceful, and the aim was to blend it harmoniously into surrounding area, with simple architecture.  The simple, lightweight roughcast and glazing suggest transparency, it uses cantilevered terraces and the retaining and foundation walls are made of dry stones. The various outside spaces, used for relaxation, moving from area to area and private use, have been constructed using a range of local materials.

ARTAU Architectures